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Emerald Museum & Nobelius Heritage Park

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Unfortunately, World War I saw the loss of many of Gembrook Nurseries' overseas markets, a loss from which the business never recovered.

In 1921 Carl Nobelius died and his properties were divided up and sold to two wealthy syndicates. In 1924 one of Nobelius’ sons, Arch Nobelius bought back 36 hectares (90 acres) of this land, and he, along with his brother Cliff, (who bought a share of the business in 1928), continued on with the business their father had established under the name ‘C.A. Nobelius & Sons’.

The Nobelius family continued working in the nursery business, until 1955 when they sold the business to Stan and Les Linton of Clayton. Whilst the sale of the business saw the end of the Nobelius family’s involvement with the nursery, the business continued to trade under the name ‘Nobelius & Sons Nursery’.

Nobelius Nursery after its sale to LintonsA point worth noting here, is at the time of the sale of the nursery, the only remaining freehold land on which the nursery operated was the four and half hectares that the current Nobelius Heritage Park occupies.

The Linton's subsequently sold the nursery to Ern Smith in 1967. This business operated as a ‘retail’ nursery, and likes its predecessor, sort to capitalise on the Nobelius name by trading as ‘Din San’s Nobelius Nurseries, Emerald’. However, eventually the nursery fell into neglect and was finally closed in 1981.

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