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Emerald Museum & Nobelius Heritage Park

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On approaching Emerald you'll be taken by the majestic colours and landscape that surrounds you.

The Emerald Heritage Walk has been designed to show you some of Emerald’s existing heritage buildings. You can meander through the local streets, purchase a coffee on the way and see snapshots of where it all began.

There is much to explore and the scenic atmosphere makes it an easy and pleasurable walk. Begin your journey at any location, finishing at the dynamic Emerald & District Museum that is located within the historic Nobelius Heritage Park.

Click on the Timeline image at right to see the full size version or you can click here.

  Emerald Heritage Walk map


 A Heritage Walk map is available to guide you around the walk. The walk takes approximately 50 mins to complete.

Click on the Map at left for the full size version or click here to view.

Alternatively, you can download the complete Emerald Heritage Walk brochure as a pdf document.

Our Creative Heritage

Hans Knörr and one of his sculpturesArtists

Hans Knörr (pictured below) was a notable abstract sculptor who lived in Emerald for around sixty years and was founder of the Emerald Gallery. Hans' first love was wood, but he also worked with bronze, aluminium, glass and other mediums to produce striking sculptures of interesting shape and texture. His work can be seen in many churches and schools across Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Hans’ wife Hilde was also a notable writer of the region, penning several works including fiction, poetry and an autobiography.

Literary Tradition

Vance and Nettie PalmerThe Dandenongs enjoy a rich literary tradition. A number of Australia’s finest writers have lived and worked in the hills over the years. Vance and Nettie Palmer, Katherine Susannah Prichard, Leonard Mann, Hilde Knörr, Louis and Hilda Esson and Jeannie (Mrs Aeneas) Gunn among them. Few have chosen the Dandenongs as the setting for their work, particularly those of fiction. One exception is John Morrison, who is well known for his short stories and is a master of the genre. His two lesser known novels: The Creeping City (1949) and Port of Call (1950) – are very much novels of the hills.


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